Friday, December 13, 2013

You Better Get Busy!

"You better get busy!"

That phrase is echoing in my ears over and over and it is not because I do not have my holiday shopping done yet.  If that were the case, that would be a quick fix.  It is one that I will complete this weekend.  Promise!

Rather, it is an expression that is being heard as I walk through the halls and stop into classrooms.  Some how, unbeknown to all of us, the end of the first semester is five days away and a sense of panic is setting in.  It’s a good panic, but still a panic.  Teachers know they need more days to get done what they didn’t complete.  What now?

Look at it this way:  Think how much you DID cover!  Teachers should keep in mind the lessons and learning that they did share.  And, if nothing else, remember that every moment of every day is a teachable moment and kids took away a lesson a day, every day.  The great teachers taught.  They inspired and they helped kids achieve new heights.  Goals were set and now they can be measured.  Celebrate your success!

As you go into this final week before your winter break, think to yourself if you need to get busy or if you were able to accomplish all the tasks you set for yourself back in August.  This is a great time of year to do a Goal Inventory and take measure of what has been done, or not.

In the end, because we are who are and we do what we do, we will probably be busy right up until the final bell. 

And we too, need to celebrate our successes and our accomplishments.  Make sure you do just that!  Promise!

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