Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Inspired, Again. Doing What is Best for Kids

Walking through the halls and stepping into classrooms on the return of break,  I found myself once again, yet again, inspired and in awe of the teachers in front of our students.  Throughout the first few months of school our teachers have been given the task of working through the changes in education.  They continue to modify instruction, work through mandates and initiatives and plow forward in the face of change.  And as the saying goes, change can be good.
To step into a classroom and see how teachers have made these adjustments, while keeping students needs at the forefront of their work, is simply amazing.  The saying, doing what's best of kids is sometimes over stated, yet at the same time, understated depending on the role you play in the process.  This line, this expression, those words, have become a motto, a pledge, an oath by the teachers with whom I work.
Since the first day of my academic career, officially this marks 20, I can attest to that .  As I lead, and follow, that phrase has taken on a life of its own.  While working with parents and the community I have been inspired by those words and pledged to those with whom I answer to that doing what is best for kids is the only way to do this business.
Reaching December and having another milestone of the school year arrive, I revert to those moments that I walk into classrooms and I see the great things that are occurring every day.  Giving teachers feedback to their work, being a part of the conversation of instruction and looking at various forms of data are all a part of the process.  And watching students responding to the lesson of the teacher through thier actions and their passion.  Each of these being a vital part of the process of learning and dependent of each other.
So as you walk your halls and step in to classrooms, look for what inspires you and what you recognize as great teaching and learning.  Look for all the evidence of teachers doing what is best for kids.  It is everywhere!

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