Friday, December 6, 2013

Getting Away From Routine. Be Inspired.

Taking in each moment of each day is such an important part of the work we do.  However, we often find ourselves hurrying out the door each morning knowing that our office awaits as does all of the tasks that go with a "typical" school day.

For many though, having a routine is something of an anomaly.  We make time to grab our cup of coffee, sit at our computers to clear the morning email and touch base with the office staff.  From there, it is a crap-shoot.  Most days, and many days, can be quiet when it comes to the check list of tasks.  Tending to paperwork, approving purchases, signing off on requests, etc. is a part of our day that we can not avoid.  As administrators we complete that routine, if there is one, and then prepare for the events as they unfold.  We know that students are busy with teachers in classrooms with learning.  And, of course, teachers are working diligently to provide meaningful, lifelong lessons, to strengthen the skills that students will apply in their journey.

As we work through the start of each day and routine is established, we have to remember that one of the most important parts of any day should be taking in the events that happen between the bells.  I am often inspired by the educators that are a part of my PLN and enjoy reading their moments in their classrooms and what their take-a-ways are from those experiences.  The stories that you write are often my motivation and my inspiration to spend even more minutes inside the classroom. 

For further encouragement, and as was shared recently with my administrative team, we must focus on the greatness that surrounds each of us, each day,  and find our inspiration within our own walls.  Listening to that, and reflecting back on the articles that I read, reaffirms the need to constantly break away from routine and create our own paths for each day.  We are the Instructional Leaders and with that comes the responsibility to model not only for our teachers but for our students and our community.

It was refreshing to hear, and simply be reminded, that as administrators we need to be afforded the freedom, and encouragement to try to new things, to push ourselves to the educational limits and expand our horizons in what we do for kids.  And, without reservation, we need to make sure we are sending that message to our teachers and supporting them in that effort.  They too are often consumed by the same practice of each day.  If we do not get away from "typical", we will be consumed by routine.  Routines have their place, and are needed at times, but do we want that to be the focus of our day?

Therefore I post this on my office wall as to be reminded each morning:

To be Inspired - of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse . 

This is my new "typical".  This is my reminder of my routine and the role it plays as a leader. 
Be Inspired.

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