Thursday, December 12, 2013

What is your digital footprint?

What is your digital footprint?

At this point in my career I have determined that without an impressive digital footprint my professional goals will come up short, way short.

So next steps are simple, build my digital footprints.  Do so professionally, of course, and work with those around me along the way.  Lean on those that are more experienced and give credit where it is due.

As a professional having an impressive digital footprint it is a must.  Today that point was made vividly clear. At a seminar for aspiring Superintendents, a spokesperson for a search committee stated that Boards of Education go straight to Google (and other search engines) in an effort to find all that is good, or bad, with a candidate. Imagine that, Google is the beginning, or end, of my administrative future.  Not my ability to inspire, empower or lead.  Not even my skills that I have refined over time of listening and motivating. Surprised?  No, not really.  

For many being LinkedIn, Tweeted, Blogged or Cited is a part of our routine, our practice.  We are hooked, and therefore connected.  We have placed our feet in the digital plaster and the mold is forming.  It takes years for it to dry and we have the opportunity to shape it each time we turn to our keyboards.

So in the end I remind myself that I control it.  I am my connector.  I am making my digital footprint one day at a time.

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