Friday, June 6, 2014

5 Ingredients to a Successful Summer

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Have plans for the weeks ahead? We know the time goes fast so make sure to enjoy each moment. Here are some quick ideas, and a few links (in no particular order) as you set your summer calendar!

Read - Many of us read articles and books as they pertain to the work we do. However, in the end, make sure to read something just for fun! Pleasure reading helps sooth the soul and keeps balance to the reading we do for work. Check in with Cathy Mere or see the list at Education Closet and see what books are on the list.

Play - Whether at your child's ball game, out back with the kids in the yard or treating yourself to a trip to the golf range, make sure to get active and enjoy your time being a kid. We spend a lot of time indoors during the school year. Take advantage of your summer break and the long lazy days of summer. Need some ideas? Here you go: 50 Fun Summer Activities

Connect - We spend so much time throughout the year focused on our colleagues and our work that sometimes we forget about reaching out to others. Family or friends, make time to chat with those that you may miss connecting with during the year. Then, as the summer ends, have a plan to stay connected throughout the year.

Travel - Pack up the car, head out of town and find something for yourself and/or your family to enjoy! Over the next couple of weeks slow down and head to the beach or take a stroll through a busy downtown street fair. Make sure to visit a place you can share with others when you return to school. Vacation Ideas found here

(Ed)Camp - Because we are educators we will undoubtedly do something related to work this summer. If that's the case, then go to camp, an EdCamp! While thinking about ways to grow professionally, try to find an opportunity to learn with others in this unique PD setting. If you live in Ohio, check out EdCampILECbus! Or, go to for a camp in your part of the world! 

Follow these simple suggestions and you will be energized for the school year ahead!


  1. Craig,
    Thanks for the shout. I am looking forward to a summer of reading. There are so many great summer reads calling my name, and time for professional reading as well. Thanks to #nerdybookclub members and all of the people I follow on Twitter my list is never ending. Thanks for the reminder to play and travel. I really need to get those to the top of my list.


  2. Great list!! EdCamp, here we come!