Thursday, June 19, 2014

Make it Count


There is only one today. 

Can't be re-done, no do-overs, no second chances at this one moment in time.

I recently sent out a message to my followers via Twitter: 

My motivation for this message was spawned by the passing of a great man. A man that devoted his life to teaching others. He embraced every quality in the human spirit and took every moment of every day to share with others his passion, his knowledge and his love of life. He was an educator, a veteran, a husband and a provider. He gave of himself and treated each child, each person, each member of society with care and compassion that can not be rivaled. 

In all my years of knowing this man he lived with this very question at the forefront of his morning routine. He knew that he only had one shot at each day. He appreciated life. He valued and respected the moment. Like others that you may know he never took a breath for granted, ever. This passion was at his most inner core.

So as you go through your days, weeks, months and year(s), keep in mind that there is only one chance to make it count. You have today to leave an impression that will last forever.

Will you do just that? I offer you that challenge today.

In memory of Ford Weyrick.

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