Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Spirit of the Tribe - A Call to Leaders

Since our very first methods courses of our undergraduate studies, educators have been encouraged to spend time reflecting on our instructional lessons. Whether in our first year of teaching or as a seasoned veteran, that charge holds true each day we are in front of our students and our colleagues.

In order to reflect upon our instruction we have to not only find time to do so but we also have to be committed to its value and be critical of our own teaching. Both of which are difficult for any one individual.

With the directions we are pulled each day, and all that needs to be accomplished to be the teacher that embraces teaching to its fullest, it is imperative that we still use reflection to assess our own practices.

This reflection, the kind that is true and at times uncomfortable, will take us from being "good" teachers and leaders, to "great" teachers and leaders. We will have looked into that mirror and had crucial conversations about what worked, and what did not.  And by doing so, others will benefit from time well spent.

For many, blogging has been a great tool for reflection. Recently I was asked to join a colleague, Jennifer Hogan, who I met through Twitter, to take an even deeper look at the craft which I have chosen, school administration, with the hope of improving my own work when supporting my teachers. She, along with a handful of others, intend to commit ourselves to monthly posts on our websites and then comment on each others posts to offer that essential feedback to assist with the growth that we seek. This "Tribe" will be comprised of people like yourself. People that take the time and effort to truly dissect the work they do. We want to move from being good at what we do to being great at what we do. We also know, it can't be done alone.

Check out Jennifer's blog here to read even more: The Compelled Educator

Care to join us on this journey? If so, complete the link below and send us some basic information to get things started!

Join the Tribe!