Monday, June 23, 2014

Blogging. Keep it Simple.

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There are 1000 things to write about. Finding the exact words can sometimes escape me. I am OK with that, sort of.

Maybe it's not as much about the topic but more about the uninterrupted time to gather my thoughts and get them onto paper. Something to consider, I guess.

I often find myself sifting through Seth's Blog. And, as maybe you do the same, wonder how easily he gets his ideas from his head, to the keyboard and then to us, his readers.  And on top of that, we eat it up, "worship" it, tweet it and live by it. And, Mr. Godin, we should. It is great stuff that makes us each better at what we do, whatever that might be. He makes us think, ponder, reflect and modify. 

So as I sit here on this beautiful Friday afternoon in Concord, North Carolina, I stumble over what prolific blog I could write about. What could I add to the blogging world in attempt to shape the minds of a few people who happen upon my site, Fueling-Education. Do I have anything to offer? 

Overall, I would like to think I do and therefore I will continue to write, to share, to blog. I will pledge to myself to keep it simple in the hopes that some of the most simplest ideas can spawn some of the most greatest of ideas from others. 

And, the next time you have writers block, take a stroll through the blogs of your colleagues and maybe you will find some motivation, find inspiration and get your mind thinking like Mr. Godin.

Here are some great bloggers that I learn from:

and of course:


  1. Craig, I am honored to be mentioned with so many great bloggers, including yourself. I appreciate the mention and your dedication to professional growth. Thanks and I looking forward to learning from you!

  2. Thanks for the comment Keith! I am learning from others and appreciate your perspective on education and your experiences. Keep up the good work!

  3. Good thoughts -- this is often something that plagues our students as well -- are my ideas good enough? Trust me, they are.

  4. Craig,
    This post resonates with me...I have a couple of fellow administrators that are reluctant to blog because they feel as though they need to be profound.

    I appreciate the mention Craig, you have a terrific style of being straight forward and realistic. Thank you for posting, "Keep it Simple". I'll share with a few of my blogging friends.