Sunday, June 15, 2014

5 Things Every Father Should Teach Their Son

It goes without saying the role that our parents play in how we grow to become parents ourselves is an influence greater then any other. With that, it is often said that how a father raises his son will have the greatest factor on how that young man will act as an adult, and as a father himself, in the future.

If you have, or had, a father that is (or was) instrumental in your development into the man you are today, you have been blessed. Not all young children, and not all young men, have that reassurance and the lessons to fall back on. Fortunately for me, I did. And, without hesitation or reservation I can say that it is these five "lessons" that I was taught by my father (with help from my mother, of course) that has shaped me into the dad I am to my children.

They are:

Be Fair - life isn't but that is not an excuse. Regardless of the circumstance, play the "game" by the rules and all will work itself out.

Be Patient - we all make mistakes, we are supposed to. Make those mistakes teachable moments and grow from them.

Be Resilient - there will be times when you feel defeated, and at times you will be just that. If you can weather the storm, smooth water will be just the other side.

Be Persistent - many times in our young lives we are told "No" and with good reason. However with each "No" comes new opportunity. Find it.

Be Kind - be so in every sense of the word whether through friendship, in passing or if fortunate enough, love. Be humane and follow the Golden Rule. Always.

This list, your list, will have 100 more lessons learned from a father that impacted your life. These are the five that I am most grateful for on this day, Father's Day.

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